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About Me



I’m Diana Costa and I’m a Spanish living in Berlin. I consider myself a very curious person and I love everything related to photography, design and audiovisuals.

I studied a BA in Media Studies at Universitat de València (2011-2015) and a Master’s Degree in Digital Creation at Universidad Católica de Valencia (2015-2016). Also, I completed musical studies in the music conservatory “José Iturbi” in Valencia (2002-2013).

In 2014 I started photography as a hobby and later I started working in projects related to graphic and web design, video and motion graphics and 3D. I have work experience in the media and creative fields as well as in digital and online marketing.

Welcome to my world

You can find in this website my works from 2014 on. There are different kinds of photography such as portrait, architecture and landscape. Also you can find not only graphic design but also branding and merchandising and web design. I have filmed and produced and collaborated in different corporative videos as well.

I hope you like it! 😉